Glasses Frames & Lenses Specialist

Omega Optical is a top provider of glasses frames and lenses for patients of all ages throughout the Philadelphia, PA, region. Omega provides a complete onsite optical shop, which offers a broad array of options, including designer frames and specialty frames for athletes and others, as well as stylish sunglasses.

Glasses Frames & Lenses FAQs

While many people turn to the drugstore when they need glasses for reading or close-up work, using generic store-bought glasses is not a good idea. First, store-bought lenses are not crafted with the same degree of accuracy and care as professionally-crafted lenses made by a top-quality optical lab, so you’re far more likely to experience aberrations in vision, or make existing problems worse. Store-bought lenses also are not customized for your specific needs, which means your vision won’t be optimally corrected and vision problems could be exacerbated. Most people have different needs for each eye, and off-the-shelf glasses are not designed to accommodate these differences. Perhaps most importantly, any change in vision – including changes that occur as you get older – can be a sign of a serious underlying problem and should be evaluated by an eye doctor to ensure you get any necessary treatment. If a vision problem is detected that can be corrected by lenses, getting them from your eye doctor ensures your lenses will be an exact match for your needs.

Yes, at Omega Optical we carry a full line of frames and lenses, including progressive lenses, tinted lenses, designed frames and eye wear for sports and occupational needs, so you can get the specific products you need and want in one location.

Often, children with vision problems don’t mention those issues, sometimes because they assume the way they see is “normal.” As a result, they may have poor school or sports performance, or experience headaches, or eye strain. Having routine eye exams with an eye doctor is the best way to determine if your child has vision issues that require correction or treatment.